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paper love
Perrakis Papers meets Stratis Tavlaridis
Solo Exhibition | Athens | 2023

Paper and Culture. Two words that complement each other and one exists because of the other. The artistic expression on special papers is a living example of their original coexistence.
People, throughout the ages, used to express love by writing letters to each other on paper. To carve their initials on matter, on stones, on marbles, on the fresh cement of the urban landscape.

Thinking that time will not wear him down.
But they wear out, they change.
Everything changes.

The recording of an incompatible love on handmade Asian papers of a few grams, cut by hand with a surgical scalpel using the papercut technique. An exhibition - diary which was inspired, created and presented in Perrakis papers.

Lensed by Giangos Papadopoulos 

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