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perforated - weavings of cohabitation

Installation | Thessaloniki | 2010 - 2011

Stratis Tavlaridis presents with his work the history of his family, through space and time. He speaks of his origins and roots, trying to formulate a personal comment on the key issue of cohabitation of populace and families.

At the villages of Eastern Thrace, for years, his great-grandfather lived with neighbors of other cultures, until the situations and circumstances forced him to root out and re-install in another place.

Stratis chose the technique of paper cut, so that his works may revoke the memory of our traditional handiwork and thus operate as a symbol not only of coexistence of peoples and family but also for the effort to weave again from the beginning, their lives, looking to the future... 

Lensed by Photini Lamp​

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