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Gay pride flag


In 1977 in San Francisco, Harvey Milk challenges Baker to create a symbol for the gay community.

The first LGBTQ flag was a rainbow made up of eight colors.

Pink: Sex

Red: Life

Orange: Healing

Yellow: Sunlight

Green: Nature

Turquoise: Magic/Art

Indigo: Serenity

Violet: Spirit


Baker's creation debuted at the Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco on June 25, 1978—just a few months before Milk's murder.


Pride Flag 1978

If this LGBTQ flag looks familiar, that's because it's Baker's design with one modification: The hot pink stripe on his original 1977 flag was removed. Every color on the flag had a meaning and hot pink meant sex, but that was not the reason for its disappearance.


After the assassination of Milk on November 27, 1978, the demand for the flag increased, the manufacturer Paramount Flag Company due to a shortage of materials decided to remove the pink stripe at first. The turquoise stripe had the same fate.

This change left us with the six colored stripes that still adorn the flag today.


The artwork is part of a special Limited Edition series for pride month.

Only a small number of artworks have been created.


Each piece of art is unique and individually hand cut.

Εach artwork comes with its frame, handmade box and Certificate of Authenticity.


Material: Japanese handmade paper, 60gsm

Dimensions: 15x15 cm

Athens Gay Pride, 15x15cm

VAT Included
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