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Tomb -


Alatza Imaret Installation

Thessaloniki | 2013

Stratis Tavlaridis has created a large paper-cut installation inside Alatza Imaret. By utilizing his personal experience and the architectural and historical elements of the monument, he attempts a modern transcription of a funerary monument, namely the tomb of King Philip the Second. The entrance of the new tomb opens to the viewer and invites him to a tangible experience that evolves in a vertebrate way into the interior of the building.

The artist deconstructs surfaces, creates

perforated geometric patterns, handles light, and completes the installation in three steps-passages in the area. The former "Colorful Poorhouse" is converted into an atmospheric installation dominated by white. The imposing size of the venue, the designed and diffuse natural lighting, the shadows and the energy that has been left as a remnant of a bygone era, plus a different religious culture, animate this work of art, renewing the public’s relation to it.

Photo | Fanis Ramis

Text | Thouli Misirloglou

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